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Camille Paglia

(born 2 April 1947)

Camille Paglia is a late twentieth century, early twenty-first century American social critic known for her constructive critiques of contemporary feminism and other civil rights movements, libertarian arguments for individual liberty as solution to social problems rather than top-down mandates, rejection of post-structuralism in contemporary academia as being too disconnected from the actual world to make an actual meaningful difference, interest in media and the visual arts in defining and propagating culture, and her bombastic and confrontational personality as a public intellectual. Interpretations of her work vary from a nonstandard feminist trying to address misguided dogmatism in the movement, to a supporter of traditional patriarchy in the guise of feminism.

  • Sexual Personae (1990).
  • Vamps and Tramps (1994).
  • Glittering Images (2012).